Crafting Nuru in News

ET Now!
Crafting Nuru wins iWeekend!

iWeekend, conducted by e-cell, IIT Bombay is a platform where 60 entrepreneurs came to take part for a workshop. Participants gave their start-up idea pitch to fellow participants and through a democratic voting, 3 ideas were chosen.
There was no ranking given to the 3 ideas and soon each of the 3 ideas got 15-20 fellow entrepreneurs with varied backgrounds and skill sets joining them and develop the idea further, prepare business plan and first prototype over the next two days.

“Crafting Nuru Schools and Trade Units” was one of the winning ideas. The inputs from the team members and mentors were helpful in making a functional and practical business model and prototype.
Check the feature on ET Now!


Craft Revival Trust!
Crafting Nuru Artisan-design Schools Consultancy project completes 1 year!

Megha breaks the secret of Artisan-design Schools though her article: “Curriculum for Design Education of Craftpersons” at Craft Revival Trust’s website. In the article she makes her recipe of starting your own Artisan-design school – OPEN SOURCE – that can be customized and used to ones own needs of specific craft and region.



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