‘Nuru’ is an imaginary bird of happiness, which appears and sings to a person when he/she is really happy form inside, else the bird disappears.
Crafting Nuru aims to create happiness from crafts.. its mission is to bring the Nuru to the customers and the craftsmen in the process of rejuvenating traditional crafts though design education.

What is Crafting Nuru?

Crafting Nuru is an organization incepted at IIT Bombay in 2009. The organization has been incubated and supported by IIM Ahmedabad in India for its 1st year of existence.

Crafting Nuru aims at developing a self-sustainable, profitable system for empowering craftsmen through design and marketing education while providing employment opportunities. Crafting Nuru envisages Artisan-design schools to provide such education linked closely to Trade units that financially supports the Artisan-design schools.

The aim of these schools would be to provide training in product design, form cluster and cooperative units and provide product marketing to rural artisans so that they can expand their market reach and achieve greater independence in serving the growing urban retail markets.


Crafting Nuruhas a hybrid structure of organization with its 2 units, the linkage between the production and sales of goods creates a sustainable value chain.

1. Crafting Nuru Artisan-design schools: Not for profit bodies – The design and marketing institute which imparts general literacy as well as product development training to the craftsmen and helps them understand the market demands. It helps craftsmen form clusters, educates them about various government policies and helps them take advantage of those. Apart from this it gives a ‘Traditional Craft Designer’ Certificate to the students and guarantees them employment in the Crafting Nuru Production unit.

2. Crafting Nuru Trades: For profit entity – The unit which puts its efforts in marketing and promoting traditional craft products from rural area. It retails its products under ‘Crafting Nuru’ brand and has both designer and traditional ranges of craft products. Crafting Nuru Trades supports financially all the activities of the Crafting Nuru Institute. It also employs the Institute’s students in its production unit.

Mission statements:

  1. Establish a profitable, socially conscious retail and trade company for handcrafted goods sourced directly from traditional, rural artisans who are under-represented in the Indian market
  2. Utilize profits from the company to establish and provide ongoing financial sustenance for Crafting Nuru Artisan-design Schools and
  3. Provide design training-related consultancy to other craft organizations enabling them to develop their own Artisan–design schools as per their requirement


Megha Agarawal Maheshwari
Founder Director : megha@craftingnuru.com

Leave feedback at: nuru@craftingnuru.com

Postal Address:
Management Office,
Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship,
IIM Ahmedabad,
Vastrapur – 380015
Ahmedabad, Gujrat

12 responses to “About

  1. Venkateswarlu T

    I enjoyed going through your artistic work and really appreciate you for the same.Keepit up.

  2. Girish

    A good and an unique initiative.
    Keep up the good work and wish the team great success.

  3. Alpana

    Hi Megha..was just going through your website and had a question
    about this initiative.I am a textile designer and working on craft based projects in india….Do you incorporate designers for developing these products alongwith the artisans or do they do it on their own?

    • Hi Alpana,
      Designing at Crafting Nuru is a symbiotic process, the designers are involved in product development at few places as and when required but many of the products are purely artisan designed.

      • Hi Megha,
        I write the Saturday column People Like Them for Business Standard and came across your work on the Craft Revival Trust newsletter. Could you please tell me a little more about it? Would love to explore possible ideas for my column with you.
        Warmly, Geetanjali

      • Dear Megha,

        I am writing on behalf of Women on Wings.
        Women on Wings is an organization that provides high end international business knowledge to social businesses, enterprises and government-led initiatives in India with an aim to create employment and sustainable jobs for rural women.

        Our mission:realizing economic growth for women in rural India by creating ONE MILLION JOBS for them and by doing so, taking them out of poverty.

        We are interested to learn more about your organization. We would like to know about the livelihood creation initiatives in your organization, and more specifically how you work towards achieving improved socio-economic status for women.
        Please let us know if you feel that there is a platform on which we can collaborate. In that case we can take it to the next level which means we shall connect you with our senior business consultants.

        Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward hearing from you.

        Kind Regards,


        WOMEN on WINGS

        info@womenonwings.com | Twitter@womenonwings|FacebookWomen on Wings| http://www.womenonwings.com

  4. Ashutosh

    Hi Megha,

    This is wonderful. You are trying to create a sustainable system that has rural artisans at their base. I wish you all the success.

  5. RD

    Hi, I would like to feature you in Marwar magazine. Could you share your email address/phone number with me please?

  6. That is good initiative taken by you, We are also craftsman from Rajasthan, Crating on marble stone like statue, Idols. We are unable to get good price of our work middle man gets all the credit.

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